Book Review: Here Comes Our Bride

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Ages 4-8

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This wonderful little book from Frances Lincoln is a snapshot (literally) of life in a Nigerian community, specifically focusing on a wedding. The third in a trilogy of books focusing on African ceremonies, Here Comes Our Bride! tells the story of the marriage of two older people and how the marriage develops and how it affects the family and the community.

The pictures are the main idea here, and the author, Ifeoma Onyefulu, lets her lenses do the talking in a big way. Time and again the camera shows us intimate details and culturall eccentricities in all their glorious detail. The result is more a photo-story than a story with photos. It is also akin to the peeling back of a veil that hides cultural practices that might not be known to a majority of readers. Every detail included has a purpose.

The story is told from the point of view of Ekinadose, a young boy whose eyes and ears provide the vehicle for author to tell reader the story. The inclusion of a case of mistaken identity only adds to the fun and festivities. And the author goes out of her way to make sure that the reader understands what is going on and why, including facts and figures to accompany the narrative that tells the story of the wedding.

Pick up this book: It is an excellent vehicle for explaining how other cultures and both similar and different to America's.

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