Book Review: To the Top of Everest

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Part 1: In the Beginning

This is one wonderful book! It is LOADED with details, all kinds of them, about the author's trek up Mount Everest, about the gear he used and had built, and about the challenges he faced along the way.

The author, Laurie Skreslet, is a veteran mountain climber who had wanted to climb the tallest mountain the world for years. In 1982, he got his chance.

The book takes you every step of the way on his journey. We find out that you just can't go over there and climb the mountain. You have to plan years in advance, training with your crew to get used to one another and to be able to trust one another with your lives.

We also find out that the last road anywhere near Mount Everest ends 150 miles away. People who want to climb the mountain have to haul their gear for 150 miles before they even get near the bottom!

We see the gear climbers use and the animals they use. Check out this yak, many of which helped carry gear.

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