Book Review: Adventures in Ancient Greece

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Ages 9-12

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Linda Bailey is at again, teaching kids about life in ancient times through the adventures of the Binkerton kids. This time out, the Binkertons travel to the land of Athens and Sparta to see the ancient Olympic Games. The book is Adventures in Ancient Greece.

Bailey is highly successful and well liked in this field, having already written Adventures in Ancient Egypt, Adventures with the Vikings, and Adventures in the Middle Ages. And she is equally good in this book, with adept insights into the Greek life and way of life.

The Binkertons (Emma, Josh, and Libby) are at it again. These fun children pay another visit to their friend Julian T. Pettigrew at the Good Times Travel Agency. And before they know it, they're off on another adventure!

As always, you can read these books two ways: You can follow the adventures of the Binkertons, and you can find out more about the world they're experiencing. The device is a Guidebook, which contains basic information about the people, places, and customs the Binkerton kids are seeing.

Bill Slavin is back as illustrator, and he does his job admirably, throwing in a few nice touches for those paying attention.

Bailey also goes out of her way (in a good way) to remind the readers that even though we think of Athens as the birthplace of democracy and the whole of ancient Greece as the birthplace of much of our modern culture, the places and times didn't allow for such things as women voting, women owning property, women even attending parties thrown by men, women attending the Olympic Games, etc. Too often in history books, these facts are glossed over; Bailey reminds us of the all too true facts of life for women in ancient Greece.

So join the Binkertons as they romp their way through another arena in the historical world!

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