Book Review: American Heroes

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Another in the great National Geographic line, American Heroes tells the story of 50 important people in American history. Some of the people chosen come as no surprise; others are pleasant surprises.

Each profile is a vivid portrayal distilled to relevant details yet told in an exciting and successful way. Each hero has his or her day in the sun and then has the context explained, so the reader comes away with a better overall picture of how the United States has advanced in many parts because of the contributions of these fantastic people.

The book is divided into chronological sections, mirroring the progressive expansion and growth of the country. Much care is taken to include female heroes as well, among them such well-known names as Rosa Parks, Sacagawea, Helen Keller, and Amelia Earhart and also the not-so-well-known Anne Hutchinson, Jane Addams, Alice Paul, and Rachel Carson. All of these women and all of the men are given the star treatment for a handful of pages, accompanied by illustrations as only National Geographic can present them, incorporating photos, graphics, maps, political cartoons, paintings, and much more. A helpful "Did You Know?" section enhances the reader's knowledge of the heroes and their time periods.

The result is a wonderful presentation of the men and women who helped shape the course of American history for the better.

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