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March 7, 2011

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International Women's Day
March 8 is International Women's Day. Originally a day to honor women workers struggling for recognition or at least humane working conditions, this day is now a cause for celebration for women's accomplishments in a wide number of areas, all around the world.

Cleopatra: Egypt's Last Pharaoh
Hers is one of the most recognizable names in all of human history. She was a female ruler in a time of male kings. Her beauty was said to have brought the world's most powerful men to their knees. She was Cleopatra.

Hatshepsut: Egypt's Famous Female Pharaoh
She ruled for 15 years, as the leader of powerful Egypt, as a woman. She was the first female pharaoh, at a time when women were supposed to be subservient to men.

Gadhafi Orders Airstrikes as Civil War Continues
March 7, 2011

The civil war continues in Libya, with forces loyal to Col. Moammar Gadhafi fighting to hold on to Tripoli and other key areas while rebels try to press ahead with their drive to the capital. The latest development was the embattled leader's ordering of airstrikes against rebel positions in the east.
The First Telephone Call
It happened on March 10, 1876. Alexander Graham Bell summoned his assistant, Mr. Watson, to the next room by telephone.

Mr. Watson, of course, was Thomas Watson, a mechanic who had a knack for making reality out of theory. He and Bell worked on the "multiple harmonic telegraph" for many weeks before Bell had the idea to develop a telephone. The first device to transmit speech vibrations electrically between two receivers was successfully in June 1875. No one could understand anything as words, but the sounds did go through.

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Commanding Heights
In this era of increasing globalization, it's difficult sometimes to keep track of just how many things affect the economy of countries everywhere around the world. This site, a companion to the PBS documentary, helps you do just that, focusing on countries, ideas, storyline, key events, and much more.