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Peloponnesian War

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Definition: War chiefly between Athens and Sparta, caused by growing distrust and jealousy between the two large city-states. In the aftermath of the Persian Wars, Athens reigned supreme with its fleet and its dominance of the Delian League, made up of colonies across the Aegean Sea in Asia Minor. The use of Delian League funds to build temples and other buildings in Athens created mistrust of Athens within the League and within the Greek world as a whole. And when Athens interfered in colonial revolts far to the west, Sparta and its League (the Spartan League) took action. The Spartan fleet was no match for the Athenian fleet, but the Spartan army was more than a match for the Athenian army. A plague in Athens in the middle of the war didn't help matters, either. Sparta even captured Athens itself. Sparta, however, had achieved its aim and left Athens standing. The war lasted from to 431 to 404. By that time, both sides were exhausted. It was clear that Athens had lost. However, Sparta was by this time so weak that the true strong city-state after this war was Thebes, which had been ally of Sparta.

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