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Tutankhamen (King Tut)

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Definition: Famous boy king who became pharaoh at age 9 and then ruled only 9 years (1336-1327 B.C.) before dying mysteriously. He ruled during the 18th Dynasty, was married, and is said to have been the father of two children. He was buried in the Valley of the Kings. His tomb, one of the richest ever found, was discovered in 1922.

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King Tut Scanned by Computer
Scientists successfully performed a computerized CT scan on the mummy of the "Boy King," Egypt's King Tutankhamen. A total of 1,700 images were taken in a 15-minute scan designed to try to determine just how King Tut died.

King Tut in the News Again
King Tutankhamen is in the news again, this time for two different things. The "boy king" who ruled Egypt as a youth thousands of years ago has been the focus of two news stories in recent days: A computer scan will be performed on his mummy to determine his cause of death, and a traveling exhibit of artifacts recovered from his tomb will go on tour in summer 2005.

The Opening of King Tut's Tomb
Hidden for 3,000 years, the tomb of the Boy King was found and opened in 1922.

Ancient Egypt
Find out more about the Land of the Nile.

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Life of King Tut
Read about the short but eventful life of the boy king

WebQuest: Was It Murder?
Was King Tut murdered? Follow the clues.

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