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Definition: Famous Athens school founded by the famous philosophers Plato and Aristotle. Students would come to the Academy to study with the famous men. Other great thinkers would come there, too. The Academy also included a gymnasium.

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Plato's Academy
Plato's Academy was not a school in the modern sense but, rather, a gathering place for the serious and curious thinkers of the day. The Academy wasn't even a building but, rather, an outdoor gathering spot near a religious shrine (to Athena), dedicated to a legendary Athenian hero named Akademos, as one version has it, or named after an important Athenian named Academos, as another version has it. Statues dotted the grove of olive trees, and Plato and others gathered in this natural setting to discuss all manner of things. The Academy was outside the walls of Athens, Greece's most famous city-state, and Plato was one of the Academy's most famous members. A successor to Socrates, Plato delivered lectures at times to those gathered at the Academy, but he also faciliated discussions on things large and small, on detailed aspects of the maths and sciences and on the largest questions of all, in philosophy and metaphysics.

Ancient Greece
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Archaeology of the Academy
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