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William Pitt

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Definition: Name of two British prime ministers. Pitt the Elder was PM during the French and Indian War. Pitt the Younger took over the office from Lord North after the Revolutionary War. When the British retook Fort Duquesne, they named it Fort Pitt in honor of their Prime Minister. Pitt was responsible for financing the British war effort, largely by taxing the British colonies (including those in America), and he also personally promoted Generals Jeffery Amherst and James Wolfe to positions of prominence. The latter decision turned out to be a good one because those two men helped win the war. The former decision turned out to be a bad one because it eventually led to the Revolutionary War. He was PM during some of the early taxes on the American colonies, including the Stamp Act, which he opposed. He made a famous speech against the Act. He was replaced shortly thereafter by George Grenville.

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