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Valley Forge

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Baron von Steuben
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Definition: Pennsylvania encampment occupied by the American army from December 1777 to June 1778. The winter was particularly harsh, and the army was short on food, clothing, and supplies. But they hung on. The leadership of Commander-in-Chief George Washington and Baron von Steuben, the Prussian drill sergeant, kept the soldiers occupied and made them better, tougher soldiers in the end. In June 19, 1778, the army set out for New Jersey, where they fought the British to a stand-still just nine days later, at the Battle of Monmouth. Among the soldiers who were encamped with Washington at Valley Forge were Generals Nathanael Greene and Benedict Arnold; Alexander Hamilton, Washington's personal aide; the Marquis de Lafayette; and a man named John Marshall, who would go on to become the first famous Chief Justice of the United States.

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