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Definition: Epic, heroic battle pitting British General James Wolfe against French general Marquis de Montcalm that just about ended French occupation of Canada. Quebec itself was a natural fortress, a large city built on high bluffs, with steep cliffs stretching for miles on either side of the city. No real path led from the St. Lawrence River bay up to the heights. But an eagle-eyed British scout had discovered an overgrown path that led up the cliffs and to a lightly defended part of the French lines. Under cover of darkness, thousands of troops slipped up the path and past the French sentries to the Plains of Abraham, a wide open space outside the city of Quebec. When French troops awakened the next morning, they found line after line of infantry of British troops waiting for them. The battle raged for days and finally ended with the French surrender on September 12, 1759. Both Wolfe and Montcalm died soon after from injuries sustained in the battle.

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