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Definition: French island citadel seized in June-July 1758 by British troops under Jeffery Amherst and James Wolfe. British troops sailed from Halifax, Nova Scotia, under cover of darkness to Cape Breton Island, then had to wait almost a week for heavy fog to lift before attacking. The French defense was sturdy, but British luck won out once again as a small band of sailors managed to land onshore and secure a beachhead while a lucky shot from a British ship touched off a French gunpowder store, igniting most of the other French ships in a tremendous fireball. Once the British were onshore, it was only a matter of time. The battle turned into a siege, and the French finally surrendered,more than three weeks after the fighting began. This battle was extremely important in that it effectively cut off French reinforcements. It also allowed allowed the British to sail down the St. Lawrence River to Quebec, the last real French stronghold in North America.

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