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Alexander Hamilton

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Definition: First Secretary of Treasury, under George Washington. His ideas about government were at the heart of the republican form of government we now have, and his economic theories form the basis of our economy still. Along with James Madison and John Jay, he wrote The Federalist Papers, letters to New York newspapers designed to convince the people in that state to ratify the Constitution. He was a leader of the new Federalist Party, along with John Adams. His politics brought him into conflict with Thomas Jefferson, who was a leader of the new Democratic-Republican Party. Hamilton was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr.

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Alexander Hamilton, known as America's first Secretary of the Treasury, is arguably one of the people most responsible for both the Constitution and the economic framework of the U.S. Government. Born in obscurity, he enjoyed a meteoric rise to stardom and then suffered an equally surprising death. In between, he gained for himself recognition far beyond his years.

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