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Millard Fillmore

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Compromise of 1850
Whig Party
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Zachary Taylor


Definition: 13th president. He was never inaugurated because he became president when Zachary Taylor died in office. He began his political career in the House of Representatives, representing New York. He later became Comptroller of New York. He was elected vice-president in 1848 and presided over the debates that shaped the Compromise of 1850. Taylor died in the middle of these debates, and Fillmore declared that he would support the Compromise. It was eventually passed by Congress and signed into law by Fillmore. His support of the Fugitive Slave Law cost him the nomination of his party, the Whigs, in 1852. He ran for president anyway, on the Know Nothing party, but lost out to Democrat Franklin Pierce. He retired from public life soon after, and he died in 1874.

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