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"Mad" Anthony Wayne

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George Washington
Revolutionary War


Definition: General who found great success during the Revolutionary War and in the Indian Wars that followed. He was in charge of Fort Ticonderoga, then fought alongside George Washington at Brandywine and Germantown. He met with success later in the war and ended up at Yorktown in time for the British surrender. He was a great tactician and a good person for anticipating problems and preventing them from occurring. He was also famous for his great victory at the Battle of Fallen Timbers (1794), near present-day Toledo, Ohio, in which he sent a larger Native American force running in retreat. This battle was also significant because the Native Americans who fought there that day retreated to Fort Miami, where they thought they could find British reinforcements. But the British, unwilling to risk another war with the United States, did not help. Wayne got his nickname from a man that he had ordered punished for disobeying orders.

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