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John C. Calhoun

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Definition: Vice-president of the U.S. under John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson. A native of South Carolina, he was originally a supporter of the American System, a plan to use the federal government to increase business. He later became a big supporter of states' rights. He served in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. As a Representative, he was a War Hawk, demanding war with Great Britain. (He got his wish when the War of 1812 began.) As vice-president, he wrote a document that became the basis for the argument for Nullification (going against the wishes of President Andrew Jackson). This split convinced Calhoun that he was better served in the Senate. He spoke out for slavery and states' rights time and again on the Senate floor. He was Secretary of State under President John Tyler and secured the annexation of Texas. He also opposed the Compromise of 1850 as a blow to states' rights.

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