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American Revolution

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• 13 Colonies
Paul Revere
Samuel Adams
John Adams
John Hancock
Sons of Liberty
Thomas Paine
The Declaration of Independence
Benjamin Franklin
Nathan Hale
Boston Massacre
Boston Tea Party
Sugar Act
Stamp Act
Tea Act
Intolerable Acts
King George III
William Pitt
Lord North
Revolutionary War
George Washington


Definition: The securing of independence from Great Britain by the people of the 13 Colonies. Calling themselves the United States of America, these people wrote a Declaration of Independence, defied the authority of their mother country, and ended up winning a war to protect that independence. The Revolution certainly ended with the victory in the Revolutionar War; however, the Revolution began long before that, maybe even with the settlement in America (far away from England) of people who wanted to govern themselves and who wanted to have a direct say in the way they were governed.

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