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The Westward Movement

The Kansas-Nebraska Act
Learn more about this famous land act that really didn't solve the problem of slavery at all.

Westward Expansion
Great site gives you a good overview of the movement West.

The Homestead Act of 1862
An explanation of the importance of the famous land act. Includes text of the act.

A Brief Explanation of Homesteading
What was homesteading? Was it really just staking a claim to land and building a house? Find out at this helpful site.

Black History: Missouri Compromise
See how this famous Congressional act affected not only white people but also black people.

Text of the Missouri Compromise
Read it for yourself.

Mountain Men: Pathfinders of the West
Read about the men who carved out paths to the newly discovered western territory.

Jim Bridger: Mountain Man
Read more about this famous explorer and trapper.

"Kit" Carson
Find out more about this famous explorer, trapper, and Western legend.

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