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This large grouping of massive stones is one of the world's oldest monuments--and one of the world's oldest mysteries. Learn more about this ancient unsolved puzzle.

Stonehenge Still a Mystery
Stonehenge has been around for thousands of years, but no one knows still how or why it was built.

Stonehenge to Get Protection
A new plan would restrict access to Stonehenge by closing roads and limiting access to the giant stones.

The Construction of Stonehenge
The stone circles were built in three stages. Find out how much was built in each stage.

Maps of Stonehenge
See what the stone circles look like--from the air.

Build Your Own Stonehenge
You, too, can build your own stone circles!

Beyond Stonehenge
Stonehenge isn't the only set of megaliths (giant stones) in the United Kingdom. This site has pictures and info on many more.

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