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The American Revolutionary War

Maps of the Battle of Lexington and Concord
This is the battle that began the war. Maps detail troop movements and placements and even the retreat patterns.

Battle of Saratoga Map
See a detailed map of the battle that turned the tide of the Revolutionary War. Explore the smashing American victory and see why the English made the mistakes they did.

The Hard Winter at Valley Forge
The Continental Army suffered through a crushing winter at Valley Forge but emerged more resilient, if lacking in numbers.

Revolutionary War
Get technical with ships and navy information, battles, flags, and famous people who won this war. If you want the picky details, then this is your site.

Map of the Colonies during the Revolutionary War
Clickable map tells you about each of the 13 Colonies. You can zoom in on battle sites and even explore the surrounding territories.

Maps of the American Revolution
These maps, from the Library of Congress, show the development and conclusion of the Revolutionary War.

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