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These links describe Iraq and its place in the world community.

World Fact Book: Iraq
This site, from the U.S. government, gives you up-to-date information on Iraq, its geography, its economy, its history, and much more.

ArabNet: Iraq
This site has sections on the country's history, culture, geography, and more.

Iraq Daily
Get daily news and updates from this Iraqi website--current affairs, sports, politics, business, and more.

Iraq Sanctions: The Silent Weapon
Detailed information on the penalties Iraq continues to pay for disobeying international laws.

Iraq History and Culture
Go all the way back to Hammurabi with this informative site.

The Children of Iraq
This independent newsletter details the troubles and suffering of Iraq's children.

Iraqi Flags, Maps, Pictures, and Rulers
Visual information about the country and its modern rulers

Saddam Hussein
Learn more about the Iraqi leader.

The Gulf War
Learn more about the 1991 war over Iraq's occupation of Kuwait.

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