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Harry Potter

Keep up-to-date on the Harry Potter craze, from books to movies to toys and everything else.

The Idea of Being Different
In the world of Harry Potter, being different isn't always what "normal" people think is different.

The Economics of Harry Potter
Money talks, sort of. You can also use magic to do things that would normally cost money.

The Idea of Class
Prejudice is alive and well in Harry's world. See what it is and how he deals with it.

Harry Potter Message Board
Just what it says: a chance to exchange messages in a Harry Potter forum.

Harry Potter Collectibles
Your one-stop source for all kinds of collectibles, including books, posters, toys, and much more!

Official Harry Potter Site
Headquarters for Warner Bros., which is releasing the movies.

Scholastic's Harry Potter Site
As official as you can get. It's the site from Scholastic, publisher of the books.

Harry Potter Timelines
VERY helpful for matching events and dates in the Magical-Muggle World.

The Encyclopaedica Potterica
EXCELLENT source for definitions and explanations of all things Potter!

Harry Potter - The Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter - The Chamber of Secrets
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