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The Age of Exploration
The Mariners' Museum brings you a study of how explorers and what they found changed the world, from the beginnings of sailing to James Cook. This incredible site has enough information to keep you busy for DAYS.

Explorers and Expeditions
Your About Guide to Geography gives you a wealth of information on famous explorations throughout history, including Columbus, Magellan, Marco Polo, and Charles Darwin. Follow these brave men as they set out into the unknown in search of knowledge and wealth.

Explorers and Early Travels
Sometimes, the best way to study something in the past is by studying the things people left behind. This site is an examination of some famous explorations from an archaeological point of view, from your About Guide to Archaeology.

Female Explorers
Read about Sacajawea (who guided Lewis and Clark across the Louisiana Territory), Mary Leakey (who found many ancient human skeletons in Africa), and more female explorers. Their stories are fascinating!

Voyage of Exploration: Discovering New Horizons
This ThinkQuest project impressively traces voyages of exploration down through history, including images and timelines along the way. It's even available in Dutch!

Explorers Fun and Games
Students just like you made up these quizzes and games to help you learn about explorers. Try multiple choice quizzes, play hangman, or play Challenge (like Jeopardy!).

History's Happening: Explorers
LOTS of helpful links here! Find out more about explorers of every time period. Includes links on the Maya and other American civilizations.

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