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Teen Creates Melt-in-your-Mouth Hiccup Cure
May 12, 2012
A 13-year-old girl from Connecticut has solved a problem that has plagued people for ages: hiccups.

Massachusetts Law Aims to Curbs Schools' Diet for Bake Sales
May 10, 2012
Massachusetts recently passed a law severely restricting bake sales in public schools. The law is an attempt to combat youth obesity. However, many parents and students are concerned about the future of school funding.

In Wake of Deadly Tornadoes, Home Shelter Construction Booms
April 29, 2012
Many people in areas of America hit hard by tornadoes are building their own shelters in hopes of being more protected the next time a twister hits.

Moon to Blame for Titanic Sinking, Scientists Say
March 6, 2012
Scientists think that Earth's Moon could have played a role in the sinking of the Titanic.

D.C. Memorials to Get Bikeshare Stations

March 4, 2012
The National Mall will soon have five more bicycle-sharing stations, at tourist-heavy spots. The new stations will be near major tourist destinations, including the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Smithsonian Institute Metro station, and an area between the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.

N.Y. Police Dog Gets Special Recognition
March 4, 2012
Sgt. Harry J. Wheeler, a former orphan, is now a star for the New York State Police, which is quite an achievement for a dog.

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