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Keep up-to-date with current events. Find out what's going on in the world around you.

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Time for Kids
The #1 Kids News and Education website. It's daily news written just for kids. Check it out!

The award-winning magazine is also online.

Yahooligans! News
Get the big picture on many subjects from your friends at Yahooligans!

This site from the Washington Post keeps you current on world events, gives you "brain food" for homework help, and even challenges your knowledge of current events with fun games.

Scholastic News Online
This site is designed for kids grades 3-6.

The Newspaper - Kids News Online
This British site reads like a newspaper, written for kids just like you.

Weekly Reader Online
The popular magazine also has online editions.

The Wall Street Journal Online Edition
Get financial and other news in the reader-friendly online edition.

This fun online edition includes current events, reflections on the year just past, and a fun quiz.

This fun current-events quiz changes often, so go back regularly and check! You can play one-player or two-player games.

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