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Cross-country Trek to Test Driverless Vans
Vehicles driving themselves? It could happen, in the not too distant future, especially if more events like this take place: Engineers are off to road-test driverless vehicles on an 8,000-mile journey from Italy to China.

Solar Plane Glides Skyward on Test Run
Solar Impulse, a plane whose makers hope will one day be able to fly for up to a day using only the Sun's energy, took off from Switzerland on a 24-hour test flight.

'Flying Car' Really Getting Off the Ground
Makers of "the flying car" have cleared a major hurdle and are planning to get their product in the hands of owners by the end of 2011.

Cosmonauts Sealed in Mars Simulation Facility for 500 Days
Six men — three from Russia, one from China, one from France, and one from Italy — are now sealed in a facility at a medical institute in Russia for an experiment designed to simulate a manned mission to Mars.

Triceratops Cousin Thought to Be Island-Hopper
Scientists have discovered a triceratops-like skeleton in Europe, suggesting that the horn-headed dinosaurs migrated from Asia to Europe by "island-hopping" to cross the vast distance that separated the two continents 100 million years ago.

Mount Rushmore Goes 3-D
Scientists are scanning Mount Rushmore with 3-D lasers, to make a virtual "backup" of the famous massive granite presidential heads.

Huge Snake Lab Goes Up in Smoke
What is believed to be the world's largest collection of snakes (housing 80,000) has gone up in flames.

Gold-dispensing ATM Opens in Abu Dhabi
Yes, you can put paper money in and get gold back out.

Post-it Notes Have Stuck Around for 30 Years
Before the 1980s, Post-it Notes didn't exist. Now, they're everywhere.

Museums Bring Field Trips to Schools
In this time of unsure funding, museums have begun bringing the field trips to schools, so students don't miss out on the artistic and scientific wonders that complement their school studies.

$100 Bill Goes High-tech
In a new attempt to outwit counterfeiters, the U.S. Government has redesigned the $100 bill to include several high-tech foils.

Babies Found to Dance to Music
Dancing comes naturally to babies, a new study has found. Whether that translates into ability remains to be seen, for some.

Flooded Town Rises from the Depths
Potosi, a Venezuelan town that was flooded intentionally in 1985 so the resulting reservoir could power a hydroelectric dam and provide electricity to the surrounding countryside, is back on the map, after a drought erased the reservoir.

DNA Tests Prove King Tut Not Murdered
A new study released by Egypt's top archaeologists (including international celebrity Zahi Hawass of the Supreme Council of Antiquities) confirms that Tutankhamen, the famed "boy king" who ruled young and died young (at age 19), had a club foot and Kohler's disease, a condition that makes it difficult for blood to get to the bones in the foot.

Math, Science Study Gets High-profile Boost
Big Bird, famous CEOs, and the White House are teaming up to launch an initiative to improve American students' knowledge of math and science.

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