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These are events that have happened in school technology in recent months.

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High School Goes Paperless in Classrooms
August 22, 2005
A high school in Arizona is continuing with its computer-only experiment, citing great feedback from students, teachers, and parents. Empire High School, in Vail, Ariz., has 340 students. At the start of classes on July 22, 2005, every student who came to the first day of class was assigned an iBook (a laptop made by Apple Computer). No textbooks were issued, and the school has no plans to issue any books.

Checking for Cheaters
February 9, 2005
Utah-based company named Caveon has signed contracts with Delaware, North Carolina, and south Carolina that call for Caveon to monitor data from standardized tests, in particular looking for signs of cheating by the students who took the tests or the teachers who administered those tests. The company is also negotiating with several other states.

Computers to Grade Essay Tests
February 2, 2005
will soon begin a pilot program that will feature, in part, electronic grading of essay tests. State education officials hope that the idea will catch on enough that it will save time and money for teachers and also increase writing skills of students.

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