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California Bill Would Ban Plastic Bags for Shopping
Many California shoppers will no doubt move to bringing their own bags with them when they shop, in the wake of a bill passed by the California Assembly to ban pharmacies and grocery, liquor and convenience stores from giving out plastic bags.

Mexico City Embraces Bike Sharing
Mexico City has begun a bike-sharing initiative, offering more than 1,000 free red bikes and passing traffic laws that favor cyclists over the city's 4 million drivers.

Peddle Your Way to a Free Meal
The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, a high-rise in the area surrounding the capital of Denmark, is offering its guests an offer that is intended to make them sweat – literally.

Step on It: Pedestrians to Generate Electricity
Engineers in Toulouse, France, have installed a series of specially designed paving slabs containing micro-sensors. When people walk on the slabs, the micro-sensors absorb the energy created and store it in a battery. The energy is then transferred to the main power grid.

White House Easter Egg Event Goes Green
The eggs that feature at this year's White House Easter Egg Roll will be of the healthy variety – healthy for the environment, that is.

Help with Road Repair, Get a Reward
Officials in a German town have begun a program that offers a bit of a legacy for people who give the town money to help cover a pothole: their name on the road.

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