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D.C. Schools Offering Afterschool Dinner
For many students in the District of Columbia public schools nowadays, three meals a day means eating at school for each of those meals.

Sit Still at Your Desk? Not Always
Following a trend gaining increasing visibility in offices, some schools are replacing traditional desks and chairs with height-adjustable workstations and stools, so that students can sit, perch, stand, and even fidget at their desks.

Taking Outdoor Education Up a Notch
Forest Kindergartens are gaining in popularity in the U.S., after having begun in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

Museums Bring Field Trips to Schools
In this time of unsure funding, museums have begun bringing the field trips to schools, so students don't miss out on the artistic and scientific wonders that complement their school studies.

Boy, 10, Enrolls in College
Of the students attending classes at Pittsburg (Kan.) State University this year, just one is 10 years old. That would be Alex Jaeger, who recently scored a 23 on the ACT college entrance exam and enrolled for a full schedule of classes.

Math, Science Study Gets High-profile Boost
Big Bird, famous CEOs, and the White House are teaming up to launch an initiative to improve American students' knowledge of math and science.

Obama to Address Schoolchildren
President Obama will deliver a live address to American schoolchildren at noon Eastern Time on Tuesday, September 7. The address will last 15–20 minutes and focus on the importance of staying in school and getting a good education.

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