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Modern Technology Helping Explore Ancient Egypt
Through the use of high-resolution satellite photography, computerized scanning equipment, and the vast storage and sharing capacity of the Internet, scientists and researchers are shedding new light on ancient Egypt and the Valley of the Kings.

Cell Phone to Help Save Ancient Language
Ethiopic, an ancient language that is dying out from lack of use, could be on the rebound, thanks to modern technology used on cellular telephones.

What's All the Fuss About California?
California voters elected a new governor on October 7, 2004. The winner was movie star and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. How did they get there? This article explains it all for you in easy-to-understand language.

Mr. Rogers: Friend to Children and Adults
Mr. Rogers, a gentle TV host for 34 years, has died. Find out more about this extraordinary man, who was a friend to both children and adults.

In Fond Memory of Columbia
Find out more about the Columbia tragedy and the space shuttle in general.

What's All the Fuss about North Korea?
The news these days is full of talk about North Korea. Why is that?
Well, that question has a short answer and a long answer. This informative, easy-to-read article includes both.

China's New Leader Is a Mystery Man
China has a new leader, and not too many people know anything about him.
Hu Jintao, a former engineer, is now the head of China's Communist Party and is now, in effect, the country's leader. He was vice president for several years before being named general secretary.

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