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The Revolutionary John Adams
Cheryl Harness, who knows a thing or two about the presidents (having written biographies of Washington, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt), paints a compelling portrait of John Adams, the nation's second president and an often overlooked hero of the American Revolution.

James Whitcomb Riley: Young Poet
Another in the excellent Young Patriots Series, this book chronicles the young life of one of America's finest poets. Follow "Bud" Riley as he learns to swim, puts on junior plays, recites passages in front of the class, and even sees the Civil War first-hand. Great fun!

Silent Movie
Silent Movie, the new book by award-winning author Avi, is a wonderful example of how to say more with less. And in this wonderful story of an immigrant family who moves to America in the early 20th Century, the pictures are the star of the show.

Katie's Wish
This is a wonderful examination of the Irish potato famine and the effect it had on people in Ireland and America. Tired of potatoes, which is all her family seems to eat, Katie wishes that the potatoes would just go away. Soon after, the potato blight hits. The result is an excellent example of how kids, especially young ones, equate things that aren't really related.

Girl in a Cage
Jane Yolen, one of this age's finest writers, has spun another excellent yarn straight from the pages of history. This book, Girl in a Cage, is the story of Marjorie, only daughter of Robert the Bruce, who struggled mightily to keep his country free from England's King Edward I in the late 13th and early 14th Centuries.

True Tales of the Wild West
This fun book takes 10 stories from the Wild West and puts some truth to them. Included are such standard fare as the Gold Rush, Lewis & Clark, and the Pony Express and other, less-mentioned stories, like Jedediah Smith, the man who walked across the great Western Desert in search of a fabled river that didn't exist. Excellent narratives tell the true stories of these often legendary-sounding events.

Curious Kids Guides
Check out this cool pair of books, which take the Q-A format to a whole new level. Complete with vivid and eye-catching illustrations, these books make Ancient Greece and the Middle Ages come alive.

Adventures with the Vikings
Join the Binkerton kids as they learn about Viking times the hard way (or is that easy way)--by living them!

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