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William Henry Harrison, Young Tippecanoe
Learn more about the childhood of the ninth president and hero of the Battle of Tippecanoe. This book also does a great job of explaining the Revolutionary War through a kid's eyes.

On the Trail of John Brown's Body
This, book two in the Young Heroes of History, follows the adventures of two young boys in Civil War-era America. Follow along as they witness one of the most explosive moment in American history: John Brown's raid on the federal arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Va.

Potato: A Tale from the Great Depression
Learn what happens when Dorothy's family has to pick potatoes to survive. At first glance, this book looks to be for the very young. But older kids and adults will reward themselves by reading this book as well, to learn more about the Great Depression and about economics, history, and even American culture in more depth.

Adventures in Ancient Greece
Join the Binkerton kids as they learn about ancient Greece by going back in time and visiting! They see ancient Athens and Olympia, site of the Olympic Games, and also learn a thing or two about the status of women and children in the ancient society.

America at Bat
This little book is a big picture of how intertwined America and baseball really are. It has pictures, stats, trivia quizzes, and story after story of American baseball history and culture. Excellent!

How We Crossed the West, The Adventures of Lewis and Clark
This is a book that tries to be both a picture book and a history book, and it succeeds at both. The text is compelling, and so are the illustrations.

Crispin: The Cross of Lead
This, the latest book by Newbery Honor winner Avi, is the story of a young boy who loses his family but not his identity in 14th-Century England. Follow young Crispin as he learns more about himself and the world around him in this entertaining, realistic, and rewarding novel. (You can also read an interview of Avi by this site's editor here.)

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