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1621, A New Look at Thanksgiving
This excellent book takes a look at Thanksgiving from both perspectives: Native American and Pilgrim, combining known facts with historical research and reinforcing the idea that history is not just one version of anything.

Pilgrims of Plymouth
Pictures rule in this book. Kids see how the Pilgrims lived, worked, and prayed. Along the way, they find out that life back then was different in some ways but exactly the same in other ways. Good fun!

Amelia Earhart, Young Air Pioneer
Explore the childhood of the famous female flyer. Follow her as she breaks down barriers for women from an early age. See her have lots of fun with her sister and their friends!

Gold Rush Fever
Go along for the ride as young Tim Olsen discovers gold in the Yukon! See his dog, Pal, help him all along the way. Learn how hard it is to find gold at all.

The Old Chisholm Trail
What did the cows think of the cattle drives from Texas to Kansas? Let the cowboys tell you! They'll also tell you (in song) how they avoided bandits and storms to get the cattle there on time.

Children Around the World
Are children the same all around the world? Yes and no. Some things are different, depending on where you live and who your family is. Other things are common to all children, all around the world.

Pearl Harbor: Survivors' Stories
Learn more about Pearl Harbor through the eyes of the people who survived it--on both sides. This easy-to-understand book has quotes from Japanese pilots, American sailors, nurses, and more! It also includes an EXCELLENT timeline, one of the best you'll ever find on World War II.

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