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A Foreign Field
This book is a wonderful historical fiction covering the World War II years. Specifically, the book follows the courtship of two young people in Canada: a British pilot and a young Canadian girl. Read their letters to each other, experience the wonder and loneliness of a world torn apart by war. Live the war through the eyes of two teenagers.

Bury the Dead
This entertaining new book from National Geographic examines the way people have treated their dead down through history. Think Cro-Magnon burials were way different from modern ones? Think again.

If the World Were a Village
This wonderful little book can change your life! See the world in a new way by seeing it as one village. How many people in this village speak Chinese? How many of them have too little food? Find the answers in this great book that tells a complex story in simple terms, accompanied by imaginative illustrations.

The Wright Brothers
This Wright Brothers book has all of the standard facts and stories of other books like it plus "the talking Wright Brothers!" Check out this fun, illustrated book and revisit the story of Kitty Hawk.

Send 'Em South
Follow the adventures of two kids (one Irish-American and the other African-American as they struggle against the backdrop of the American Civil War). They do have some fun along the way.

The Kingfisher Concise History Encyclopedia
This excellent resource gives you the facts, historical context, loads of colorful pictures, maps, tables, and graphics, and all you could ever want in an encyclopedia for kids.

The National Geographic Student Atlas of the World
This book does it all: You get full-color maps, charts, graphs, flags and country stats, even a map of natural disasters. An excellent resource for learning about the world around you!

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