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Prehistoric Times
Your friends at KidsKonnect give you LOTS of information about archaeology and and history of people and animals.

Archaeological Adventure
Archaeology isn't all bones and dust. It's exciting digs, with clues to ancient mysteries! This site highlights these aspects of archaeology and keeps you up-to-date on news in the field!

Archaeology Gallery
The focus here is photos. See pictures of the Pyramids, Stonehenge, and other examples of ancient archaeological mysteries.

Archaeology Data Service
For that inevitable report or class project on archaeology, this site provides you with a wealth of information at your very fingertips. A portal to several large catalogs of information, this site makes it easy for you to narrow your focus in pursuit of just the information you seek.

National Geographic Outpost
Now this is a really cool idea! This site lets you correspond with explorers who are in the field. Send them messages, read their reports, share their results, and more!

Secrets of Lost Empires: Easter Island
Easter Island and its giant statues have puzzled scientists and archaeologists for years. NOVA takes you behind the scenes to discover the answers to some burning questions about the Easter Island Mystery.

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