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Is the Past in Your Future?
Think your career is in ruins? If you like archaeology, you might think about a career in the field. This site can help you by giving you more information on what archaeologists do and how much fun they have getting their hands dirty.

What Is Underwater Archaeology?
The answer to this question and much more can be found at this helpful site. Full of pictures and links to other research, the site focuses on archaeological studies beneath the waves. See sunken ships and their treasures!

Archaeology Magazine
This companion web site to the American magazine of the same name gives you a wealth of information about digs, excavations, ruins, and the like. You can also read back issues, check out book selections, and much more.

The Archaeology Channel
Archaeology comes alive at this fun and fun-to-look-at site! The main feature is streaming video of recent projects, but much more is available if you know where to look.

Great Excavations
The History of Archaeology is the focus of this site, the companion to a television special of the same name. Walk with archaeologist John Romer as he investigates the past through bones and ruins.

Archaeology World
From the first screen, which shows the mysterious statues of Easter Island, this site shows you archaeological information with a flair. Dazzling pictures accompany exciting words, combining to describe investigations into archaeological mysteries the world over!

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