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Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome
Rome wasn't built in a day. It took lifetimes to build. Find out all about this extraordinary city.

Pictures of History: Roman Empire
These pictures from Rome and Pompeii bring the civilization to life. Pompeii is especially helpful because the remains are preserved almost intact.

Roman History
This comprehensive study of Roman history includes focuses on education, the military, and much more. You can even take an interactive quiz to see how much you've learned!

Secrets of Lost Empires: Roman Baths
NOVA Online gives you words and pictures to describe how the Romans kept all those baths so hot without using electricity! Just another example of Roman scientific achievement?

Who Were the Romans?
The Roman Empire conquered Britain early in the First Century A.D. Find out more about this "outpost of the Empire" through discovery and games.

Roman Culture: Gladiators
They were first and foremost slaves. But they were also entertainers (sort of). Find out how these special warriors trained, lived, and died.

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