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Maps of the Ancient Middle East

Asia Minor: Early Maps
These maps focus on Asia Minor, home to many empires, battles, and famous events.

Ancient Mesopotamia
See the various peoples who lived in Mesopotamia. Looking at a map may help explain why the area had so many different conquerors.

Babylon Map
See the layout of the fabled ancient capital of many an empire!

Assyrian Map
The Assyrians were feared conquerors who created a large empire in the Ancient Near East. This map shows the empire in all its glory.

Bible Maps
These maps focus on the ancient Israelites and their neighbors, the lands where they lived, and the descriptions of those lands found in the Bible.

Islamic History Maps
Follow the history and development of one of history's greatest religions, Islam.

Jerusalem Historical Maps
This city is sacred to three religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. See maps of the evolution of the fabled city.

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