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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt at KidsKonnect
Find out more about hieroglyphs, mummies, medicine, and much more!

Ancient Egyptian Medicine
Yes, they had doctors back then. Egypt had good ones, too. Find out just how good they were.

All About Ancient Egypt
This ThinkQuest Junior site takes you along on a ride through the portals of time into ancient Egypt. You can play some fun games as you learn!

Egypt Fun Guide
Sea World brings you this entertaining site that puts the focus on fun. You might just learn something, too!

Egypt Daily Life
Pharaohs and their Pyramids are common knowledge. But how did the normal people live? This site tells you.

Land of the Pyramids
Discovery Online's site makes you feel like you're there! See a mummy up close. See how tall the Pyramids really are. Play some games to help you learn more!

The Egyptian Pyramid
Think you know how the Pyramids were built? Check your facts against the ones on this site from the Smithsonian Institution.

Cyber Mummy is your host on this fascinating journey into the world of hieroglyphics. Read them, translate them, even sound them out!

Alexandria History Guide
It was a planned city that became the most famous in the world. Learn all about this famous city founded by the Macedonian conqueror Alexander the Great.

Writing in Ancient Egypt
The ancient Egyptians wrote on papyrus, a primitive form of paper. Try your hand at writing and learning about hieroglyphs.

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