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Ancient Civilizations in General

Empires Past
Learn about empires in Ancient Egypt, China, Rome, and South America (Aztec). This ThinkQuest project is very easy to use and has loads of information!

Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations
What is often overlooked in studies of ancient times is how people lived from day to day. This site examines daily life in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, and China.

Collapse: Why Do Civilizations Fall?
This excellent site focuses on the Why and the How of the demise of ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia, Africa, and the Americas. Also included are many hands-on activities, which give you some fun while they illustrate the concepts being discussed.

Civilizations in History
Now THIS is an awesome site! It gives you a lot of information on many different ancient civilizations. The common ones--Egypt, Greece, Rome, Egypt, and Babylon--are included. Also here are the Aztecs and Mayas. The focus on each civilization is detailed yet easy to read. Check it out!

Ancient Civilizations as Seen Through Images
Ever wondered just what some of those ancient buildings looked like? This site has pictures, computer drawings, and more to show you. It covers civilizations all over the world, too.

Eliki's Valley of the Ancients
This wonderfully illustrated site gives you a wealth of information about all of the ancient civilizations. Read descriptive narratives, see beautiful pictures, study primary sources, and more!

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