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Learn more about this Asian country and the events that are happening in and around it. The New Afghan Government
Afghanistan has a new government, which includes two women.

Who Is Osama Bin Laden?
Why is this man so hated? Why does he hate the West so much? Find the answers here.

Who Are the Taliban?
Who are these people who have such strict rules?

Who Are the Northern Alliance?
Who are these people who are steadily taking back their country?

Afghanistan Area Map
Get detailed information about Afghanistan and the countries that surround it.

Afghanistan Online
This site is run by people in Afghanistan who claim no connection to the Taliban.

Languages Spoken in Afghanistan
The people of Afghanistan speak many languages. Find out about some of them here.

Historical Timeline of Afghanistan
This very helpful timeline explain the history of the country, from the earliest times to the present.

Afghanistan: Surviving in the Mountains
See how the Afghan people survive in the cold, lonely mountains with little food and warmth.

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