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The Staff of Hatshepsut


You go back to your notes. You didn't bring them all with you on this trip. You strain to remember everything you can about Hatshepsut.

You remember that she had a favorite place she liked to visit. Years ago, historians located this favorite place near the Great Sphinx. You decide to go there.

On the trip to the Sphinx, you puzzle over in your mind the rest of the mysterious clues. The first line said both the Shadow of the Sun and the Hour of the Moon. Could that mean when both the Sun and the Moon can be seen in the sky? This is obviously during the day. But what time? And which day? You can't exactly just hang around the Sphinx, watching it all day for weeks on end.

What do you do?

Ask a friend
Consult an almanac
Go back to the column where you saw the new hieroglyphs

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