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The Staff of Hatshepsut

You've been in Egypt for a few weeks now. You've come to gather evidence for a new paper you're writing on Hatshepsut.

You've been deciphering hieroglyphs on a tall column for most of the day. Your eyes have grown a little tired, and you begin to see shadows between the symbols carved in the rock.

Suddenly, you see a symbol that wasn't there before. Just as the Sun shines on that particular symbol, a new set of symbols appears. You read them excitedly. They seem to be a set of directions leading to … the location of a special artifact. The symbols don't specify which artifact. Could it be the Staff?

After a few minutes, the Sun shifts position and the new symbols disappear. You search in vain for other new symbols. You study the carved symbols for the rest of the day without finding other clues.

Did it really happen? Did you really see new symbols? Or did your mind play a trick on you?

That night, you study your notes on the queen. To your surprise, you notice in one book some hieroglyphs that resemble the new pattern the Sun revealed earlier in the day. You copy these hieroglyphs out onto a fresh sheet of paper and hope to compare the two sets the next day. You translate the two as Hatshepsut and key.

Your mind filled with wonder, you sleep.

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