Social Studies for Kids

April 20, 2009

Early American Trade

Triangular Trade
This was the economic cycle of goods that sailed in a triangular pattern between England, Africa, and America and back again. Major commodities included timber, rum, sugar, silk, and (of course) slaves. Find out more about this early period of American economic history.

The Erie Canal
How the Erie Canal was created and financed is the story of one man's desire and many people's skepticism. That one man was New York Gov. DeWitt Clinton. His opponents called the Erie Canal "Clinton's Folly," but Clinton had the last laugh, as the Canal became one of the nation's busiest waterways and most enduring symbols of rising industrial might.

Earth Day
Every April 22 is Earth Day in the United States. On this day, the focus is the planet itself and how to better take care of it.

Among the things that Earth Day promoters urge people to do on Earth Day are plant trees, travel without cars for a day, and test their drinking water to make sure it's safe.

Samantha Smith: Following Peace
A 10-year-old from Maine wrote a letter to the head of the Soviet Union and got a reply. The reply was unsuspected, as was the accompanying offer. The Premier, in a very public letter, invited the girl and her father and/or mother to the Soviet Union. That letter, from Yuri Andropov to Samantha Smith, was announced to the world on April 23, 1985.
USA Government
Find out lots of info about the Government of the United States at this site. Points of focus are the federal government (including the Three Branches), Checks and Balances, and Documents of Freedom (such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution).

All of this is easy to read and easy to understand. Check it out!