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The Gulf War


These links describe the United States's involvement in the Gulf War.

The Persian Gulf War
This article gives you the when, where, why, and how of the war that began with the occupation of and ended with the liberation of Kuwait.

Frontline: The Gulf War
This excellent site is brought to you by PBS, makers of Frontline, and examines all aspects of the war, from its early beginnings to its ongoing struggles.

The Gulf War: General Norman Schwarzkopf
An interview with the head of Allied forces during the war.

The Persian Gulf War
This examination of the Gulf War was written by a student just like you.

Operation Desert Storm: A Marine's Diary
Relive the tense moments of the Allied liberation of Kuwait through the eyes of a U.S. Marine.

Gulf War Photo Gallery
Dedicated to the men and women who fought for the U.S. and its allies during the Persian Gulf War.

Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait: An Eyewitness Account
One of the causes of this war was Iraq's invasion of neighboring Kuwait. This report takes you inside that invasion.

The Iraqi Scud Threat
Find out more about Iraq's deadly Scud missiles--how they're used, why they're so dangerous, and how they were combated.

Iraq in General
Learn more general information about Iraq, its history, its culture, and its customs.

Saddam Hussein
Learn more about the Iraqi leader.

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