Along the Way to Realizing the Dream

It's certain now. I am racing at the Quelle Challenge Roth. For the longest time this was anything but a sure thing, but I kept training as if it were really going to happen&emdash;as if I were really going to cross both my nation and the Atlantic to get to this great race.

Now that the arrangements are all set, the reality of it all is settling in. Like many of my fellow athletes, I'm sure, I'm both completely terrified and exhilarated. Sometimes I am both of these things at the same time. Mostly, I'm still in shock and probably will be until I step off the plane and into hugs from my friends.

I thought I'd start by sharing some lessons I have learned about really-long-distance endurance training. (As Roth will be my first time at an iron-distance race, some of these observations were brand-new to me; perhaps some iron-vets will also see the humor in them.)

Things I have learned:

This is the story of my road to the Quelle Challenge Roth, a race I have dreamed of doing for years. I'm now in my seventh year of triathlon, and the iron-distance has always loomed as a major goal in my mind. I have built my training slowly&emdash;as my doctor would say, "You're a slow learner." This makes me either somewhat prepared or just as deluded as the next person, or probably a little of both.

I hope you enjoy this slow learner's progress to the start line of the historic, storied course that awaits me in Roth.


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