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Articles are included for these topics:

The Articles can be used as background material for lessons. Most history articles also have hyperlinks to glossaries, which include definitions to people, places, and things in history.

Here are some examples of Articles:

An Introduction to the Ancient Middle East
Follow the rise and fall of several famous civilizations, from the Sumerians to the Persians. This fun, illustrated article examines each of the major peoples who lived in the Middle East in ancient times. Check out the cool timeline.

Want vs. Need: Basic Economics
A want is something you could have, and a need is something you have to have. Sounds simple, right? Sometimes, it's not that easy. Read this article, and you'll understand more about wants and needs.

The 13 American Colonies
This fun, illustrated article describes the 13 American Colonies in detail, from economics to religion to agriculture to revolution. Also includes a clickable map with links to individual descriptions of each colony and a list of the first European settlements in North America. Outstanding resource!


The glossaries by themselves can serve as a resource for you to use to answer questions from your students about who did what where and when. Each glossary entry also contains links to related terms.

Here are some glossary entries:
George Washington
Code of Hammurabi

Fun Facts

Fun Facts can be used to amaze your students or to correct some common misconceptions. Here are two examples:

Saint Patrick Wasn't Really Irish
America Didn't Have Buffalo

Lastly, if you don't find what you're looking right away, try the search box. It's in the top righthand corner of every page.

Any more questions? Ask away.

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