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The Winter Olympics: Cross-country Skiing

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Cross-country skiing is a sport that is a cousin to downhill skiing involving skis and poles. Cross-country skiers use skis that are long and thin and distribute the weight on the skier. Skis are typically 2 meters in length and one to four centimeters in thickness. Cross-country skiers also carry two piles, which are usuallly made of aluminum or fiberglass. These poles have a spike at the end to provide stability when driven into the snow. Skiers attack their special shoes to the skis, but their heels remain free.

The sport was part of the first Winter Olympics. Changes since then have included adding more events. Now, 12 events are offered. All require athletes to do just what the title of the sports suggest, ski cross-country, from one point to another. Events are sprint, pursuit, mass start, and relay. Events are also labeled by their distance (10k, 15k, 30k, 50k). Relays are also available.

Cross-country Skiing

Where: Pragelato
February 12–26

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