Seven Sports in the Ancient Olympic Games

4. Javelin

The javelin of ancient Greece was made of wood and was about as tall as an average man. The javelin throwers of this time also attached a piece of leather called a thong, a leather strap that formed a loop. The thong made the javelin easier to grip in the first place and made it fly longer after it was released. The Games featured two kinds of javelin events: throwing for distance and throwing at a target (for which an athlete would throw from horseback.

3. Discus

The throwers of the discus originally threw a circular stone and then later a circular shape made of iron, lead, or bronze. The movements and techniques of ancient discus throwers were very similar to those of today's athletes.

2. Wrestling

This, too, was similar to wrestling today. The object was to get an opponent to fall to the ground. The first man to fall three times lost. Hitting, as in boxing, was not allowed, nor was biting or gouging out one's eyes. Tripping was allowed, however. Also, no weight classes were involved, meaning that the smallest man could take on the largest man if the luck of the draw made it so.

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