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March 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have taken commanding leads in the delegate count in their respective political parties’ nomination process for President.

Voters in 12 states went to the polls or caucuses on Super Tuesday, and the result was more of the same for the two leaders. Clinton won big in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. The results widened her lead over the other Democrat remaining in the race, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who won his home state going away and also won tighter victories in Colorado, Minnesota, and Oklahoma. Trump, meanwhile, won a plurality of the vote in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Virginia and barely won in Vermont. Ted Cruz, a Senator from Texas, won his home state and neighboring Oklahoma, along with Alaska.

As a result, Clinton now has gained the support of 544 more pledged delegates. She needs 2,383 to win the nomination. Trump now has gained the support of 274 pledged delegates. He needs 1,237 to win the nomination.

Clinton’s delegate total is about 200 more than that of Sanders. Trump’s delegate total is three times that of second-place Cruz.

Finishing a distant third everywhere but Minnesota was Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who eked out a win in Minnesota. Even further down the charts was Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who enjoyed modest support only in Vermont. Former surgeon Ben Carson was a distant fifth.

The election season rolls on, with primaries and caucuses piling up in March and April. Candidates and observers will be focusing on delegate-rich states like Michigan (March 8), Florida and Illinois (both March 15), and New York (April 19). By that time, more than half of the 50 states will have had their primary or caucuses.

A complete list of dates for caucuses and primaries is here.

It all leads up to the major party national conventions. The Republican Party convention will be July 18–21 in Cleveland. The Democratic Party convention will be the week of July 25th in Philadelphia.

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